Mission Statement


The Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association has convened the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Committee to establish a state Memorial Site and Ceremony to honor PPFFA Fallen Firefighters. Since September of 2014, the PPFFA Fallen Fire Fighter Committee has been working to ensure that all of Pennsylvania’s Professional Fire Fighters Association Fallen Heroes will have a fitting and lasting remembrance. Our mission is to promote the Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association and the Locals therein, in a positive and proper fashion. To provide, as a line of duty death benefit, a dignified, honorable Memorial Service for fallen PPFFA members and to serve their surviving family members, and union brothers and sisters throughout their time of need. 


As part of that mission, the PPFFA will sponsor an annual statewide tribute to commemorate the bravery of those who lost their lives in the line of duty. This ceremony will take place at the first permanent statewide memorial honoring Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters, which will be located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.